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Oaxaca, Mexico8 hours

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Full day tour discovering some of the best attractions in the state of Oaxaca

The archaeological area of Mitla is one of the most important in the state of Oaxaca. It was inhabited by the Zapotecs after the fall of Monte Albán and subsequently occupied by the Mixtecs. In this archaeological area the mosaics and the presence of thousands of sculptures stand out.

Santa María del Tule is a city famous for the Tule tree, a majestic ahuehuete that is more than two thousand years old. This more than two thousand year old ahuehuete or sabine (Taxodium Mucronatum) has a height of about 40 meters, a circumference of 45 meters and an approximate weight of 636 tons. But the most surprising thing is his imposing presence, which collects the countless stories that have been woven around him in all this time.

The city of Teotitlán del Valle ("place of the gods'', in Nahuatl), is famous for the quality and beauty of its textiles: carpets, jackets, bags, sarapes, curtains and dresses. All products are made on large wooden frames and decorated with natural dyes, whose designs range from traditional Zapotecas and Mixtec tracery and griffins, to reproductions by contemporary artists.

MEZCAL Various liqueurs are produced and consumed in Mexico that make the inhabitants proud and give identity to the regions: in Oaxaca it is the mezcal. Like tequila, mezcal comes from a variety of agave and its process is completely artisanal. Near Oaxaca it is possible to visit factories that produce mezcal.
This liqueur was not only a typical drink of Mexico, but also a great stimulant for the indigenous population. Like any food or drink, mezcal expresses one of the cultural characteristics of its people, it is in fact mandatory to share it in a variety of celebrations.

Hierve el Agua is a place with a unique charm. Here you can immerse yourself in a natural spa while admiring spectacular petrified waterfalls. The water that flows from the springs at the top of the site creates white stony layers that descend along a rock more than 200 meters high, forming wonderful petrified waterfalls. The area of the springs, called the Amphitheater, has small natural pools with warm waters, creating a natural spa. Originally, this was a sacred place for the Zapotec ethnic group, today it is an unmissable place for nature lovers.

The tour includes: transportation, english guide, entrances