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Uxmal, Mexico6 hours

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If you are in Yucatán, you cannot miss the archaeological zone of Uxmal, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Uxmal is one of the archaeological sites of the Maya culture whose architecture is considered one of the most majestic in all Yucatan. Its beauty is characterized by low and horizontal buildings, arranged around courtyards rich in decorations and highly detailed sculptures, made with thousands of small stones perfectly smoothed and rectified, forming geometric mosaics of a perfection not equaled in the whole Maya area. 
There are so many buildings to visit on the site and they are all beautiful.
The most impressive structure is La Casa del Adivino, more than 35 meters high. According to an ancient legend, this pyramid was erected by a dwarf in a single night, it was actually erected in five phases and was designed in such a way that its staircase faces east, so that it faces the sunset during the summer solstice. 
The Convent, another of his great buildings, was so named by the Spanish that, when they saw it, they found similarities with the European convents. In fact, this building was probably used as a school for doctors, astrologers and priests.
The Governor's Palace, considered the finest building in Mesoamerica for its style, is an excellent example of stone mosaic. It has very beautiful sculptures of the rain god Chaac, snakes and astrological symbols and the upper facade is 100 meters high.
Another important building is La Casa de las Tortugas, an architectural jewel that limits its decoration to the columns of the upper facade and a strip of realistic turtles well spaced on the frame.
The Quadrilatero delle Monache consists of a central courtyard with four buildings arranged around it. It stands out for its magnificent decoration, where lattices, human figures, snakes, turtle heads, owls and masks of the god Chaac alternate.

After visiting this incredible site we will continue for a refreshing swim in one of the many cenotes of this region and then in the afternoon we return to Merida.

The tour includes: transportation, guide, lunch and entrances