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Mexico City, Mexico7 hours

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On this tour you will visit two places in Mexico City full of fun, colors and art: the house museum of Frida Kahlo, an artist who has become a world ico, and the folkloric district of Xoximilco.
The "casa azul" is Frida Kahlo's intimate universe. In this beautiful residence, the artist lived most of his life, initially with her family and years later, with his husband, Diego Rivera. Similarly, interesting Mexican and foreign visitors have stayed at this place, attracted by the charming artist couple. Frida wanted to leave her home as a museum, to encourage education and art in her beloved Mexico. For this reason, after her death, Diego organized the Frida Kahlo Museum here. Since the opening of the Museum in July 1958, Casa Azul has exhibited the environment in which Frida was inspired for her creations, as well as her personal effects. Along with the paintings of both artists, notable works of folk art, pre-Columbian sculptures, photographs, documents, books and furniture are exhibited. The beautiful garden is an essential part of the Casa Azul; When you walk through it, you can access the exhibition of Frida's dresses.

Xochimilco are "chinampas", "trajineras", museums, flower and plant markets, parishes, parks and forests. The canals of Xochimilco and the traditional chinampa cultivation system are a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. More than 200 colorful trajineras, colorful and characteristic boats, depart from its ten piers to visit the canals, whose paths reach the "chinampas" and the island of dolls. Along the way, the visitor can eat, celebrate with family or friends, sing with a mariachi or just enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are few things in Mexico City as traditional as Xoximilco. Xochimilco in fact is perhaps the last living link of Aztec civilization. Flowers and plants are a tradition in every visit to the markets and piers of Xoximilco, even because since its first settlers its inhabitants have found in floriculture one of their main sources of employment. The presence of flowers in Xochimilco is so important that its name means "field of flowers" in Nahuatl.

The tour includes: multilingual guide, transportation and entrance fees