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Palenque, Mexico9 hours

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Visiting the beautiful cities of Yaxchilán and Bonampak is an activity not to be missed if you are traveling near Palenque!

Yaxchilán, located on the banks of the Usumacinta River, was an important city of the classical Maya period, while Bonampak is the most famous archaeological site in the Lacandon Jungle and is located just 30 km south of Yaxchilán.

In the morning we will leave Palenque to arrive in Frontera Corozal, a city on the border with Guatemala, from where we will arrive at the Archaeological Zone of Yaxchilán by boat. There you will visit the Piazza Grande and the three acropolises; Furthermore, you will be able to appreciate the importance of this area with multiple decorations: 124 texts distributed in 30 steles, 21 altars, 59 architraves and seven inscriptions.

Back on the boat, you will continue to the archaeological zone of Bonampak, or "Painted Walls" in Maya, where its huge and colorful murals will show you the history and daily life of 1,200 years ago. Building 1, or De las Pinturas, houses the best preserved mural in the entire Mesoamerican world.

Return to Palenque in the afternoon.